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Why not move your business to Colchester? That's what this CD Rom is all about.

As part of Colchester Borough Councils regeneration programme this CD was produced for potential business who could be interested in making just that move.The CD was packaged in a small A5 leaflet which carried on the vibrate theme of the CD.

To view the CD and the original packaging, click the icons below.

To see the CD's on this page you will need the Adobe Flash plug-in, you can download it here.

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Framlingham College jumps head first into the 21st century!

As a long and established school founded in 1864 Framlingham College decided to try something different to send out to prospective students and parents.

In one of it's first prospectus the college lists one of the advantages of sending your offspring there as... "EACH BOY HAS A SEPARATE BED", the college obviously likes to try different things!

To view the CD click the icon.

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Stylish headgear for the cyclist who has everything.

Originally produced as a flash website which was later turned into a CD which was used as a 'leave behind' for distributors and stockist's, this folding cycle helmet was probably something you never knew you needed.

To view the website/CD click the icon.


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Although this was produced some time ago, it is an impressive e-card.

Produced for Ipswich Borough Council, this e-card was a distinctive and original way for any local authority to release its 'Local Plan', not only were users able to interact with the maps to see what was planned for areas in Ipswich, it also contained the complete printed Local Plan as an interactive PDF.

To view screen shots of the CD and the 'roll fold' leaflet, click the icons below.



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If you didn't like Colchester, try Ipswich!

This e-card has five different and separate sections, and was used to promote the many different aspects of life in Ipswich, not purely for business this e-card also has information on the town centre and tourism.

To view screen shots of the CD and the A5 leaflet, click the icons below.

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